Russell Slade reckons he does not need to have any additions in his back line

Russell Slade, the man in charge of Cardiff City, reckons he does not need to have any additions in his back line for the next season.

He is only interested in signing attackers.

He has got a couple of strikers and a playmaker in his list that he would be bidding for when the transfer window opens in a few weeks’ time.

But, is Cardiff City’s defence really solid enough for Slade to be completely unworried?

Let’s have a look at some of the Bluebirds’ numbers of the previous season.

They let their opponents score more than 30 goals against them at home. It was second only to Wigan Athletic.

Every other side there in the English second tier performed better in terms of conceding goals in home games.

Playing away, Cardiff’s defence did slightly better especially in late games, but, if you sit down and assess overall how their defence performed, you would definitely say that improvement is needed.

And, thus, one would suppose Slade to have his eyes set on a couple of utility defenders too, but, he seems to be interested only in enhancing the offensive strength of his squad at the moment if the sources are to be believed.

Slade might not have concerns regarding the centre back position as he has got some quality options to pick from in that department, but, there are not too many full backs in there and in case of injuries, the boss would find himself really short of options.

Matthew Connolly is probably going to return having spent the previous season at Watford, but, apart from him, Slade might need to look for another full back in the market.

Cardiff City ended up at no. 11 in the Championship table last season.