MatchDay 360 – MLS All-Stars vs. Manchester United

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  1. Dear The guy who gives the least amount of fuck, I find it funny that you
    claim to be The guy who gives the least amount of fuck, yet you took the
    time and effort to reply to my comment. I also find it funny how butthurt
    you appear to be over a few grammar mistakes you made. It may be the
    self-realisation of your ignorance that you had which brought about this
    butthurt. Wishing you all the best in your grammar studies, The most
    educated person ever

  2. @dizzymasekela lol the mls all-stars took a big beating but I dont think
    Nani is a third stringer…

  3. @dummjeenyus Dear dummjeenyus, First, you typed a comma after “complete
    sentence” in your fist sentence, which was incorrect. Second, commas and
    quotations may be placed inside or outside the quotation marks (depending
    on whether logical or typesetters’ punctuation is being used). Next time
    you try to enforce the laws of grammar, I suggest that you study the laws
    thoroughly before posting. Sincerely, The most educated person ever

  4. Wow, before I say anything about that game, good job to who ever mls hired
    to edit this video! This was a great showing by Man U and the MLS All
    stars. In the end more than talent it was tactics and scheduling that won
    them this match. With what Bruce Arena had I don’t think he fielded the
    best team, but a lot of that has to do with guys like Donovan and DeRo
    playing the night before.

  5. MLS all stars has no business playing against european clubs..especially if
    that club dont have most of thier starters… poor mls…

  6. i think everyone should pause the video at 4:19 and look at the two
    classiest players of all time. It doesn’t matter what league, class is
    something to be respected

  7. Dear DickHead First, thanks for keeping the comments alive on a video I
    havent watched for about 5 months. Second, thanks for studying the laws of
    grammar good enough to be such a superior authority on it. Kudos. I guess.
    Third there’s a couple grammer mistakes in here for you to find. Or a
    “few.”. Whatever the hell it is. Either way I’m guessing its more
    frustrating to you than it is to me so i’ll just leave it. Sincerely, The
    guy who gives the least amount of fuck

  8. @jaaLA1991 Manchester United was WHOOP BY KANSAS…And Kansas was playing
    with 10 players ….So what are you talking about…?? It is suspicious
    that Bruce Arena did not field Donovan and the rest of the big dogs… It
    is obvious that MLS Don Garber and Bruce Arena were playing a PUBLIC

  9. @ory1994 Second, “An educated person” is not a complete sentence, There are
    several requirements for a group of words to be considered a sentence, and
    that particular group of words contains neither a verb nor a complete
    thought. This means that no period is needed at the end of the phrase. Next
    time you try to enforce the laws of grammar, I suggest that you proof read
    your corrections. Sincerely, A clearly more educated person

  10. @xxbluejay21 So why did the same Manchester team lose to Kansas City? There
    are actual combination passes Man U had time to learn that an All Star team
    couldn’t. Trust me when I say All Star teams aren’t a good measuring stick.

  11. @mellowrox …England got different opinion in 2010… Portugal and Germany
    were persuade in 2002 that the end is near…What are you talking about…?
    The only way to stop USA is by bribing referees..!

  12. @FireS0ul89 You don’t lose a game 5-2 because a few players weren’t rested.
    Man united is a world class squad with world class players. Of course they
    would destroy a bunch of MLS misfits. Maybe if they played 11 fully rested
    Landon Donovans they would have only lost 3-0. No way an UNORGANIZED squad
    of random MLS players will ever have a chance against this Man U side.

  13. Dear MLS, Please let our players go. You’re soccer contracts that make it
    inconvenient for players to leave the US and go play real soccer in Europe
    is hurting our future team. Sincerely, Real US Soccer Fan

  14. Dear @dummjeenyus , There’s a difference between “you’re” and “your”.
    Sincerely, An educated person.

  15. @xxbluejay21 Well i dont know how you americans do it, but i think you
    should leave football (soccer as its known in america for some unknown
    reason) to the europeans, im sure we will all be greatful

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