Federico Macheda vs Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez 2011 HD

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  1. I think Macheda may have more natural ability than Chicha, but whereas Chicha from what hear trains extremely hard and stays behind after practice, Macheda is a little bit arrogant like Ronaldo was.
    I think if Macheda applies himself, he’s already proven he too good for the reserves he can be a very good player the arrogance might even help him like it did Ronaldo

  2. Macheda is 19.Hernandez is 22.Macheda is a unproven hot prospect.Hernandez is proven.If Macheda is given his chance,I’m pretty sure we could go back to the days when we had 3 forwards and owned every other team in the world.

  3. Just notice that Chicarito is wearing 14 and Macheda is is 41 ! They 2 are great players, can’t compare them !

  4. Rooney and chicharito a deadly striking partnership. Chicharito just like Rooney are players that take Manchester United to another level. It was shown Today against Chelsea where the score could of been 5-1 I hope they nailed all those chances against Barcelona.

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  6. We have so many strikers. Rooney, Berba, Owen, Chicha are obvious first 4.
    but Macheda, Welbeck and Diouf are also good. Gotto be patience when playing for this massive club

  7. I was at Old Trafford for United vs Wolves. Before the game during the warm up Macheda, Bebe, Gibson and another player were shooting at Kuzchak in goal.

    Macheda hit every single shot on target, scoring every time except one which was a magnificent save. Macheda was the most accurate I’ve ever seen he is a great finisher

  8. @bubblechubby i will even choose chicharito over BERBATOV any day,because chicharito is a NATURAL born goal scorer,he is the best in air,can score goals from any where near the goalie,and dumb berbatov is lazy ass punk..i HATE him and 30 or 37 million euros were WASTE of money!!!<3 MANCHESTER UNITED <3

  9. Check out my most viewed video and comment on it …. its called cristiano ronaldo and chicharito remember the name

  10. to me it doesnt matter im a fan of both although macheda does have more technique & natural ability then javier but either way these two will have a greater striking partnership than wayne & berbatov

  11. @71Alraider ese cabron, cuando anda ANDA! pero cuando no andaba chicharito levanto al equipo por varios juegos, y luego berbatov, y luego chicha, y luego berba, y luego llego pa tras waza “dos k tres” y berva y chicha ahi estaban. el ano pasado se frego rooney y se acabo el equipo, de perdido este ano tenemos a berba y a chicha. y ahora que waza esta bien, a kien ponen mas? a chicha. y eso ke berba es el ke tiene mas goles en la ligua. pero te entiendo. waza es mejor ke chicha. cuando kiere.

  12. @JokerWS13 ahah its funny how my fellow Mexicans talk by pride and say that Chicha is better than Wayne..hahah but people that know about soccer really know the right now Rooney is a CERTIFIED BEAST!

  13. @thelegend8888… they actually already have.. macheda assisted chicharito on a goal against valencia on the 85th min to win a match in the champions league…

  14. @shifty0450 foo u stupid u hatin ass fag chicharito is way better why u think he leaves macheda in da bench and now for ur dumbass hes leavin wackass berbotov in da bench!! so suck it!!

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