Federico Macheda signed his first professional contract with Manchester United in 2008 when he was only 17 years old but ever since he was officially transformed into a player of the champions of the Premier League, he has failed to seal a spot in the starting lineup of the club.

This is not only the case of David Moyes but Sir. Alex Ferguson as well as the Italian forward has made just 19 appearances for Manchester United since signing his contract with the club but despite not being able to get a place with the main squad, the club is not willing on offloading him to another club.

Instead of selling him to any other club, United has sent Macheda out on loan to a number of clubs of different league including: Sampdoria, QPR, Doncaster Rovers, Stuttgart and more recently Birmingham City.

The young forward expressed his satisfaction on playing in Birmingham City and he also stated that he had the chance on making a move to Italy as there was a club interested in bringing him into their squad but eventually he made his move to England where he confessed that he loves playing football over there.

He revealed: “I could’ve gone back to Italy, but I won’t tell you the name. I had the chance. But my priority was to stay in England, I love this country. I love football here. I’ve been here for seven years now, there’s no better place to play than in England. It couldn’t have been a better debut, I’m a striker and I want to score.” Macheda said.

Birmingham City also signed Tom Thorpe and Tyler Blackett from Manchester United during the January transfer window.