macheda goal

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  1. @lufcfamilyguy12 whats wrong with watching a game on t.v? just because O.T.
    all united fans cant fit in our 75,000 seater stadium and the glazers try
    to rob us blind with ridiculously high ticket prices. just because people
    cant afford to go to a game doesnt mean they are not fans

  2. @tryder1991 Did’nt mean you personnaly , i mean the ones who fucked off in
    the 80th minute when 1 – 0 down against us.

  3. Youve never been to Old Trafford? Youve spoken for about 1000,000 band
    wagon jumping cunts who say they “support” the scum bastards. We beat the
    scum 1 – 0! Did you watch that on t.v aswell!!

  4. Bunch of jealous fucks who didn’t go to the game and don’t have a personal
    recording of the goal only have insults to throw as they drown in their own

  5. it just proves my theory bigger stadium does not equal better atmosphere (I
    am a Celtic Fan btw before you start calling me a scouse n all that pish

  6. gr8 vid but that must b that new quadrant bit, shit atmosphere, i was in
    lower stretford end goin ape shit when this goal went in. havnt celebrated
    a goal that much at old trafford in yrs, was like 1 of them mad away goals
    when evry1 falls evrywhere ontop of eachothr screaming lol

  7. great capture of the goal! i got ronaldo’s free-kick against Blackburn!
    Opposite end of Stretford!

  8. @tryder1991 tell em mate. ive been a die hard since the womb and my family
    has been since the beginning. thousands of glory hunters, but that doesnt
    make us all glory hunters.

  9. You watched it on T.V? Haha priceless…. Don’t refer to yourselves as
    United , there is only 1 United.

  10. I know yeh. “for 52sec i can feel like in Old Trafford” Just sit in a
    Library and fall asleep mate

  11. taking out a fone during a game….just goes to show you what kind of
    supporters utd have….roy keane was dead right!

  12. ok english boy, know that your national team is led by an italian yea a wop
    dude and seria a got pros dude,what are you nuts, del piero totti ibra
    ronaldhino,look at the players that went thru italy and will in the
    future,your just a hater, your british though so i get it, shit the brits
    havnt won a world cup since what 64 66 lol weve won 2 since and 4 total lol
    so the last person to be talkin bout italy is a brit cus wed FUCK ENGALND
    UP ANY TIME you guys cant even make a euro/ GO ENGLAND..SIKE

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