macheda goal in the milk cup final

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  1. federico macheda è il cugino della mia ragazza NON LO TOCCATE KE E’ NA

  2. United are bombing forward, Villa clear the initial ball, Giggs plays it
    inside to Machedo who turns with an outrageous backheel AND HE SENDS AN
    United back in charge!! Well well well. A star is born. He’s a big lad too,
    as broad as Ronaldo if a touch shorter. Only 17 and previously unknown.
    FEREDICO MACHEDA!!!! remember the name

  3. I think the family all came over because it was the better move for them.
    Big decision, but surely you can’t fault a man for doing what he thinks is
    best for his family.

  4. I don’t care where your season ticket is, mine’s at Brentford, and you said
    a Championship team, so Mr. Expert, Charlton????? They’re fucking shit and
    you’re saying they would beat Werder Bremen. And I’ve seen your shitty
    Cardiff a fair few times this season, just because you have two half-decent
    players (in a weak league) you think you could beat Werder? You must be
    mentally disabled, I mean I know the Welsh are proud but come on. Joe
    Ledley vs Diego?? Are you really being serious?

  5. I don’t fault the man, I fault the Italian system for not allowing Lazio to
    tie him to a contract, I fault the English system for allowing the sale and
    transfer of children (yes, children) as property, I fault Man Utd for
    taking advantage of such a loophole (one that most English teams do, I
    know). Good on Federico, although I would have preferred to see him evolve
    in the Italian football system, he would have learned more.

  6. ps J.O, Shea, R.Giggs, D.Fletcher,J.Evans, all from the UK and United
    stars! check your Euro Champions winners youll find England have dominated
    the champions league apart from the years we were banned.

  7. He did a back heeled flick through his own legs and then turned and curled
    it in….cracking goal!

  8. Why is it only English people think the EPL is the best? buying foreigners
    to play the ‘English’ game, Well done. Arsenal’s only first team English
    player is Walcott, and its PRETTY MUCH the same for the rest of the teams
    in the EPL. FOREIGNERS play the English game so i don’t understand how it’s
    such a better style of football or whatever. If the EPL was so good they
    would have the best players in the world playing there. C. Ronaldo had one
    good season Messi and Kaka’ put him to shame.

  9. This is funny… Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and even the French league is
    better than EPL. I dont argue overthe fact that the top five EPL teams are
    europes best, but every team underneath is SHIT! Look at the UEFA cup, NO
    ENGLISH TEAMS! I dont even think that the top teams in the EPL should be
    considered ENGLISH. Arsenal have like what? ONE ENGLISH PLAYER. Same for
    the teams above them.And no doubt, your national team is awul! Cant even
    qualify for a world cup! HaHa. Pepe1984499, your the man

  10. To reiterate: Sylvan Ebanks-Blake vs Diego. To take you example to other
    leagues (and you said a Championship team, not even top) You’re basically
    saying Charlton or Notts Forest could beat Napoli, Sampdoria, Bilbao and
    Betis, To reiterate: You Sir, are a tool and an idiot.

  11. yeah i think he made the right choice in coming manu too. its a warning.
    Liverpool, We r back!

  12. milk cup is 1 of d best youth cups in d world teams from all over d world
    play in d likes of ac inter united many more

  13. oh ok then lets forget john o shea!! just the nine then with john o shea
    that irish foreigner that came through the youth ranks may as well be
    spanish or dutch, thanks for letting me know hes Irish a good add to the
    debate unfortunately for ur arguments UEFA dont class him as foriegn as he
    came through our youth system. do u do such research into ur own teams or i
    u just facsinated with United like most??

  14. Exactly, you’re right man. But I guess there’s no stopping a stupid Italian
    changing his mind, because he’s a stubborn cunt. But who cares eh, he can
    enjoy watching his Italian teams bail out of Europe, and watch the 4
    English teams still left in.

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